Value from Data Table searched in Table from Website

Hello all,

My initial situation for my problem is an Excel table whose values are to be searched for in a table on a web site.

The problem is to loop through the Excel table line by line and enter a value from it into the table on the website. So far I have used data scraping to get the content from the website and the loop for the Each row. How do I get the value from the for Each row searched in the table from the website?
Data Scrapping

Hi @NHoe

Steps would be as below!

Read range the excel.

For each value in datatable.

Search the value in website and perform datascaping and store the result in excel


Hello, thank you for your advice. I have already got that far, so I am reading the content of Excel and I have the content of Data Scraping. Now I want to search for the value from the Excel in the data scraping area and if found, then click into the third column in the data scraping area.

Hi @NHoe

use for each row of extracted datatable!

if Condition Currentrow(“yourColumnvalue”).equals(“yourSearch string”)

Then perform the click operation by dynamically using idx or tablerow tablecolumn attributes!


it works, thanks!

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