Data Scraping for Websites with Dropdowns/Buttons

Hey UiPath Community!

I’m new to UiPath and I’ve been exploring the data scraping feature, specifically just for Amazon web pages with fixed formats and clear “Next page” buttons. I just wanted to ask if you guys are aware if data scraping can do the ff:

  1. Can it scrape the prices for each variant using a dropdown feature? (e.g. 80x180, 90x180, etc.)
    Colchón Prince

  2. Can it scrape the prices for each variant with buttons available on the website? same example as above

    Colchón enrollado de visco y espuma HR de firmeza alta | Pikolin

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Hi @rain,

I don’t think data scraping can do the scenarios you mentioned. One primary reason this wouldn’t work is the price data is not even in the page unless the corresponding variant is selected. You will have to click/each variant and scrape price for each. Hope this helps. Cheers!

that’s not possible using data extraction as such.

what you can do is extract data from all the pages of your search result and then group them by adding a condition for that. As the product name will be same and remaining part will be specific to variant.

Alternatively you can open the product and check the variant tab, then select them one by one and extract data, which I think is not something you’ll prefer.

Hope it helps a bit

Ahh alright, thanks a lot for your replies @rahulsharma ! Seems it will be a lot of work for 20+ websites… :sweat:

Have a great day!

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