Data scraping on Amazon based on users input

Hi I’m new to UiPath, I’m trying to create a Project where the user enters a product name, then it is searched on both Flipkart and Amazon, their data like name, url, price, reviews are stored in an Excel file and then the product row with the most reviews and least price is displayed.But I’m having so many problems with this,

  1. In both these e commerce websites some products are listed horizontally and others vertically and I’m only able to perform data scraping for only one type .

2)Some columns like price and reviews are not extracted/missing for a few items.

3)How do I go about finding the product with most reviews and least price.

  1. When I select the price the price symbol is also selected how do I remove it.

Hello @darshanb.is22 Welcome to the UiPath Community Forum.

I assume you are looking for attended automation where user will provide input at runtime and the bot will navigate to E-Commerce website to extract the details:

The Framework would be like this :

  1. UiPath Form to take user input
    Uipath Forms Tutorial

  2. Once you have the user input, pass it to the workflow to extract data from E-Commerce website
    Data Scraping - Amazon and Flipkart

  3. Once data is extracted, perform string manipulations/regex as per the requirement ( for removing symbols from price or to adjust data)

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