Data scraping for the websites without NEXT button

Hi Everyone,

I look here, there are similar topics. I took some methods and I applied to my case but still I couldnt manage it. I am feeling i am missing very a small point. If you could check my issue and comment I would be appreciated. Sorry if i create the topic in wrong place, I am complete newbie.

I put my file into wetransfer since i am not allowed to attach as a new user.
And this is the website I am trying to scrap >>

Thanks a lot

Hi @Orhan_Celiloglu

You have another way to next each page is, if you see the page 2 ,3,4 urls

Take a counter Variable for PageCcounter=2
and you can increment through urls and take open browser and url you can make it as


@Latika10011740, Great idea. Just before the openbrowser, I added a Assing command and said PageCounter = 2 and in open browser I used this just for test purpose>> “

But it is not opening

How can I make PageCounter 2 ? Not with assign command ?

And going forward for the look and increasing the PAgeCoutner variable should I use do while and again assign PageCounter = Pagecounter+1 ?

The url should be:” + PageCounter.ToString
Assuming that PageCounter is an integer.

Thanks @dimibot ! It worked like this. I am able to open the related browser. Now I have problem with looping :frowning: I put just after openbrowser anotther assign with PageCounter = PageCounter +1 and DoWhile condition is PageCounter = 5 for test purpose.

Wit above query i should see pages go until 5 one by one, right ? But just after the first one run is stopping. Any idea why my loop is not working ? (My PageCounter is Int32. variable)

@Orhan_Celiloglu I think the condition should be PageCounter < 6 in Do While