Data Scraping doesnt work for the whole table

Hello Team,

I need to extract data from a website and using the Data scraping method, it just gets the first row of the table even though it has many rows.

Even in the preview-it just shows one record

Any help/ideas greatly appreciated

Can you please confirm whether you are clicking on the data column name or on the first row or data?

I am clicking on first column of data

Also first column value has a clickable button where it takes to another page and from second column it has data

I am getting the first row only here

Can you post the screenshot of your data if it is not confidential?

can you share the email address please


I just checked the URL which you have forwarded, i found that,
when the table is checked with Ui explorer, the table tags starts from the first data row. the column headings are not included in the table tags. So, when we are clicking on that headings, we are getting error and when we click on the data, we are able to get a single row as each single row is in the table tags individually.

Ok Thanks Hareesh,
So-whats the work around here to get the data ?

Sorry, I don’t find other way to do that and I haven’t used dynamic selectors yet. May be if there is chance with dynamic selectors, try once.

Another way is if you have chance to export the entire data to excel, then you can do that.