Unable to Extract a table from a website using Screen scraping and Data Scraping

Hi All,

I want to extract a table from a website. To view all the rows of the table I have to scroll down to view the rest of the rows. It is a dynamic table and its not possible to determine the total number of rows in the table.

I am unable to extract the table using the data scraping and screen scraping. While data scraping picks only the headers of the table from the website, screen scraping picks only the visible content of the page and doesn’t extract the rows that would be visible only after we scroll down.

Please suggest a better option to extract the entire content of the table at once.



Data Scraping where from where you are starting to get data, from the headers, or from the table data first row.

Check this link for more information,

Hi @sarathi125

Thank you for your prompt response.
When I scrape the content using Data Scraping, I identify a tables first row, or a cell containing data.
I am attaching a snagit of the data table captured. It only picks the headers and nothing else.

Please refer the image.

Isha Gupta


follow the below,


i am also facing same issue please any one help me plz

Hi! Any idea how to fix that? I’m having the same problem …I just got the data and I am trying to ignore the first row … but not sure yet the best way to do that …

I resolve this one, like using data scraping only,

but scraped as correlated data.

explanation : i identified first row first value then it will ask it is table YES/NO , i have taken NO. next i have selected second row first column value

then i got first column values,

then i given a column name. like that i retrieve all row and column values total as data table.

but in my scenario i got table like very filed value as column name and value. then i used one loop and removed column names from field values.

try like this.


shaik Jani