Data scraping -different behavior in different browser

Hi, I have problem with data scraping when, I use different browsers. First I did my process in Chrome but I had found a problem. On page I had 22 rows and after DS in my result was only 21, I did try to control mechanism, clear DT and did DS again, but the right result was after 3-35 repeats which isn’t very good. I have tried to build the same process with the different browser IE and I had close to 100% accuracy of DS result. I don’t know if this problem caused by chrome extension or DS in chrome?? This I my second problem with different behavior when the other browsers doesn’t work as IE. May I consider this as a bug or not?

Hi Brano,

Its not a bug, it is normal, if you use different browsers you will have different selectors.

But remember in August 2021 IE will discontinued and if don’t want to rebuild the process again it is better to build in Chrome, FireFox, Edge.

Usually i use FireFox and Chrome to my automation.

Hi Luis,

Thank you for your aswer, but I don’t understand.

I expect when I‘m using the same activity with two suported browsers , I will have the same result or behavior.

For me DS in Chrome is unusable, bacause I need 100% accuracy in final DT.

I don’t know, what caused this issue, but I need satisfactory solution. Now I have use IE with DS, average time for one loop is cca 44 sec, with chrome only DS with right result cca 150 sec.

I need solution for 2200 repeating, with acceptable processing time.

Thank you.