Data Scraping take too long to extract data

Hi All,

In my code suddenly Data scraping activity started to take to longer time than earlier.
Before Extracting tables was done in 2-3 sec. now time goes beyond 50 sec.
i have used all properties of Data Scraping but still take long time to extract.
Even tried to pass details metadata not working.

Can anyone help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance.

in which browser you are using?

Working with “IE”.

Try with Chrome
it will work faster
and before doing that change Waitforready to “None” and try once

i have tried all 3 of them “None, Interactive and Complete” also, "Send window message used but no use.

Okay try with chrome!

Cannot use with chrome. It’s policy to used “IE” no other browser. :neutral_face:

Np,do you have multiple pages to extract??

Yes. But next page in Data Scraping dose not work. For go to next page i have use another logic

If i use Data scraping again an replace that activity with older one it work fine till 2 to 3 runs than again start to extracting become slow.

i think you logic which you are using to go to next pages making it slow?
which website you are trying to scrap, i can give a try?

Next page logic is very Rare case and it work only when there is more than 1 page.

I found issue. it was Next Btn “Selector” in Data scraping activity.
i just removed and it work best.

Thanks for your help @Pradeep_Shiv

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