Elements not recognized properly in Chrome while data scraping but works well in IE

We tried scraping the web page provided in the Foundation training (Chapter 5 - Exercise 1).
The elements are not recognized properly and we are not able to point to the right element that we need for scraping. Here is the snapshot of the abnormal behavior in chrome.
This works perfectly in IE without any issues.

Hi @kaderms

Have you installed the Chrome extention from Studio?

Just checking before we look further.


Hi @tmays ,

Yes I have installed the chrome extension from Studio.



You should have a look on this post

If you still want to go IE, the last post on this topic advice to change zoom level, which can help maybe.


Hi @tmays,

Open UIStudio as run as administrator mode then try again.


@arivu96 Opening UIPath Studio as an administrator did not solve the problem as well :disappointed:

Thanks @Florent_Salendres. The post helped getting an understanding of the difference in using browsers.
the windows scaling settings that was mentioned at the end of the post didn’t help either.
I guess we would stick to IE for now.