Data scraping in chrome

I’m trying to Data Scrape in chrome (my whole activity is in Chrome). When i use the wizard, the data appears, but when i run and produce a message box, there is no data in the message box. Any suggestions beside using IE? Here’s what i get in the preview:

here’s what i get in the message box:

here’s my workflow:



To output Datatable

You have to use Output Datatable Activity, There you can convert to string and use that string to Message box

Check as below

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this is a part of a bigger workflow. here’s more. the first screenshot scrapes the data i need:

the next activity is bringing out pulling out a number from the data table:

this is the error i receive after:
i ran this same sequence in IE and it worked. now i get nothing


The actual scrapping you did in IE or Chrome?

The scrapping you done in IE, You need to edit selectors to work in Chrome also

because selectors will change between IE and chrome


everything is done in chrome:
i’ve done this same activity in IE and i recreated it for Chrome and it won’t produce the same results.

just to clarify, all selectors are set up for chrome. all activities work except the scraping part.


Can you share the selector for Extract Structured DAta ?


@deaser59 The website from where you want to Scrape the data, is it public? Do you have Single Page or multiple pages to extract ? Also Make sure to check the Count of the extracted datatable right after it is Extracted i.e after Extract Structured Data Activity using the below value in a Message Box :

i went to the variable panel and i had 2 variables that were the same. i deleted one of the duplicate variables and it resolved the issue.

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