Data scarping to take data from scarped variable and compare with excel data

Hello there,

i am using data scraping method to take values from report page and compare those values with an excel report.
in below image circle values i have to compare with excel values.
Q1. is it possible to read and compare without creating excel of this report page ? and ?
Q2. how to start reading columns after To then blank column then 11/28/33 ?

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  1. Yes you can read.After data extraction result will be stored in the Extract data table use this datatable.
  1. Use try catch inside the for each row or use if condition

can you please explain in brief ??


  • In for each row use get row item activity this will give whole column values this will be stored in the variable v1

  • use if condition to check if v1 is empty if it is empty assign null value as shown below

               assign v1 = " "

I am not getting it. getting error get row item. i think i need some conversion here.
can u pls help me out?

@prashantP In the get row item Row properties just pass row remove all which you passed now ie ExtractDataTable.Rows(0).Item(7).ToString

If you want to read the data from 8th column then in for each row
Just use row(7).tostring

Hi still getting same error.

thanks @ImPratham45
still getting same error.


@prashantP Don’t pass row(7).Tostring just pass row.ToString

hope these steps could help you resolve this easily

either of this is absolutely possible
–use a extract datatable activity and get the output with a variable of type datatable named ExtractedDatatable of type datatable
–now use a for each row loop activity and pass the above variable as input
–inside the loop use a if condition directly
like this
NOT String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(8).ToString)
If true it will go to THEN part where we use any activity we want or if its false that is it has null value then we can go for ELSE part

simple isnt it

Cheers @prashantP