Compare excel data with data scrapping extracted table

Hi,Screenshot (5)

I would like to compare excel sheet data value with UI extracted data. As i used Data Scrapping for extracting data from UI.

Please share example solution which will be helpful.

Hi @p.raghu.bharadwaj

The easiest would be doing a Join between the two tables to find the data you are looking for. There are multiple ways of doing this, either through LINQ query or through the Join table activity.

When you are comparing the data tables what is the desired outcome? What data are you hoping to get back - differences or similarities?

Hi @Jacqui_M

I am getting an error pop up as object did not set to the instance of the variable.

The second thing is i was looking for both difference and similarities i.e if the value in excel sheet has the value in extracted data table from UI then proceed to next step, else if the value is different or null then proceed to different condition.

Thank you.

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