Scarping data from table

after scraping activity data can not shown in csv file as well as watch panel

HI @Shubham_Bidwai

Check whether you have two different variables in the same name , if yes delete one of them and try again.

Can you share your workflow screenshots too?


Can you share all logs here in output panel here? @Shubham_Bidwai


Use “*” in the title attribute of attach browser selector and try once again @Shubham_Bidwai

okay just a sec i will

Data can not scraped

If possible can you share the workflow? @Shubham_Bidwai

can i take screen shot

Upload your flow here in the forum @Shubham_Bidwai


After data scrapping , What activities have you used ?

Have you used write range and written that extracted data in the excel file? @Shubham_Bidwai

i used write CSV

And are you sure that variable Extract datatable is been in the correct scope? @Shubham_Bidwai

yes plz check

As like this check by clicking on the extract datatable activity and open the variables and check once @Shubham_Bidwai

just a sec

still data can not shown