Data connect project

I want to do project
in the proje, first will open browser and web recording after data scarping
totally ı have 4 variables,

ı want to connect “ExtractDataTable” , “selected_value” and “selected” variables

how can ı do? it’s important stiuation for me, if ı finish the project ı can pass interview.

For example; if ı choose ‘edebiyat’ values in input dialog, write to csv file
thank you.

300619_project.xaml (14.5 KB)


Sorry I did not get. Could you please tell more details for better understanding.

first,Let the robot go to “” and ask to user which one of the 3 (book types) options you want to search. After the user selects oneand then the robot should search and show the page. after that I want to save (the author,book…) data in excel (data scarping).

HI @burcu_argun

I made a couple changes (nothing major it was correct from the beginning) and have attached the file. Run it and get back if you have any queries.

The project : (14.2 KB)

On the off chance of sounding like a stickler I have to say this workflow is far from perfect because the website throws quite some errors while running it repeatedly. Maybe surround everything with a try catch so that your bot exits gracefully.

Regards :slight_smile:

PS : you can find the results that I got also in the attached zip file.

Hi @Raghavendraprasad
ı appreciate your help!

ı tried but it didin’t give data in excel, ı chose “bilim” valule in input dialog, it’s run but excel file is empty deneme_2.xls (2 Bytes) 300619_project1.xaml (15.7 KB)
thank you so much

Well @burcu_argun

It totally runs fine in my system. May I ask what the error is or how you are running it? Can you post screenshots?

Thanks :slight_smile:


if ı changed filepath file in write csv , it’s run but excel file is empty
when you choose “bilim” value ,can you share me? “bilim” value excel data? ı curious
data content


Here, you are trying to write in Excel file but you are using Write CSV Activity. Instead of this use Write Range Activity and pass that DataTable to write into Excel file.

And also before doing this file use Kill process Activity to close all opened Excel files and in this pass process name as "excel"



Exactly what @lakshman said. I can see that your excel file is open in one of the tabs and xls in write csv is not possible. You can do a ‘Workbook write range’

PS : If you write an xls file in ‘write csv’ it will also work but it will prompt you that whether you want to access the file which isn’t in the correct format through :slight_smile:


@lakshman @Raghavendraprasad
thank you for information :slight_smile:
ı am so sorry ı begin to learn 2 days ago :frowning: ı don’t know, how can ı add “write range” in process, ı search but ı didi’t understand

can you share with me?


Hi buddy
You were almost done
It ExtractDatatable buddy not Excelworkbookscope…i think we need to change that
And also Write range that you have used is correct…but the scope of the variable ExtractedDatatable is not to the whole sequence, so that shows error…
Now go to variable panel (at down) and change the variable scope of the variable ExtractedDatatable to thw wholw sequence name by clicking on the drop down in the column scope in variable panel

Thats all buddy you are done
Cheers @burcu_argun


@Raghavendraprasad @Palaniyappan @lakshman
thank you so much it’s run :slight_smile:


Cheers @burcu_argun

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