Data not getting extracted to excel after scraping

Hi Team,

I am trying to scrape data from a website however, the excel is not getting updated with the scraped data. Im only getting sheet after running the process. Request your update on the same.

hey @irfan.mansoori
use breakpoint before writing to excel and check if the data is coming to datatable variable
if not check with the data scrapping process once.

Hi Nilay,

thank you for your reply… but actually i dont know how to use breakpoint… Issue is even i have tried with other sites scraping, however, excel is not able to capture the data… im doubtful if im using the sequences properly. Please suggest.

can you post your workflow here

try to debug the code step by step and check the data in output panel for data table variable
use f11 to debug 1 by 1 or right click on the write excel activity select toggle breakpoints and the click on the debug bot will stop at the write excel activity after extraction.
then you can check the data table variable

not like this.
Upload the .xaml file of your workflow.

Put a delay while scrapping data

sorry… here it is…Sequence.xaml (12.1 KB)

it looks like the result was empty e.g. the selector to the news div was failing or the extract data xml was not pointing to the parts.

have a look here:
Sequence.xaml (8.9 KB)

great… its working… thanx a lot buddy…

i got the selection check box… thnx a lot once again…

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