Data loop

Hi, I want to loop data in my excel sheet from my website. I want the data to auto update in my excel sheet for example I added 7 in my website but it doesn’t auto update in excel. Can you tell me how to do that, If you send me a screenshot of what sequence I need to write that be helpful. Basically I want the excel to auto update similar to receiving live alerts.


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Check whether the DataScrapping is working or not

Also check the Extract Data activity is giving you the results

Hope this may help you


As the previous person said, make sure that ExtractDataTable actually has data in it.

Also, take out the “A1” from your write range.

I can extract the data table in excel but I dont know what sequence to write to have the data auto update. I wrote 7 in my data table website and I want it auto update in my excel, rather then manually having to extract the data again.

Are you using Extract to get the data from Excel? That’s not right, use Read Range.

No im using the website for extracting the data then sending it to excel. Need a sequence to have the data auto update from my website to excel.

UiPath doesn’t do that. It’ll only read the web page and update the spreadsheet when you run the automation.

yeah but I want the “update the spreadsheet” to be automatic if my website table row has new data in it, I want that in my spreadsheet. Similar to stock market ticker it changes every minute so I want the ticker value to change on spreadsheet also.

UiPath doesn’t do that. It will only read the web page and update the spreadsheet when you run the automation.

It sounds like you need to write what you want into the code of the web page so it automatically updates the spreadsheet when the data changes on the web page.

Im extracting the data from another website this is just an example im trying. Not familiar with coding.