How to loop through each row in an excel and feed it to a webpage one by one?

Hello all

I am a beginner and trying to learn UIpath on my own. Below is my use case and any help here is appreciated.

I have an excel sheet with some 100 serial nos. I need to feed this as an input sheet to a webpage where i need to enter this serial number and hit submit. Then capture the result table into a datatable.

The catch is the webpage will take only 10 serial nos at a time. So my question is,

  1. How to loop through the excel sheet 10 at a time to feed into the webpage ?
  2. And once 100 rows are done, i need to capture all the results from webpage in an single excel sheet.

Thanks again.

Welcome to UiPath Forum :smile:
you can create an Int32 variable to save the Output of for each row.
Then, Use IF condition(Index = 9) to click next page.
After all activities are done, Data Scraping the web site.