Data Labeling Session Deployment keeps failing

Hello all,

Im trying to improve the out of the box ML Skill for Invoice Processing by adding Validation Station manual verification results. I get stuck at the very beginning by preparing Data Manager.

I successfully created an empty data set but when I try to deploy a new data labeling session after some deployment time the status will result in failed. There is no error notification or log file provided so i do not know what is the problem.

Some additional info:

  • 2 ML Skills deployed
  • Licenses: Enterprise Trial
  • Signed up for UiPath Insider and requested access to DataManager. However, as far as i understood, this is not really required for Enterprise Trial Users?

See a screenshot of AI Center:


Thanks for support!

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Even I am experiencing the same issue Andreas. UiPath Team , This issue is still exists in Enterprise trail. Please check.


I’m also facing the same issue. It keeps on getting failed without prompting any error message or log.

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Did anyone find a fix for this problem? Otherwise the whole Training Pipeline is not working.

Is there a possibility to train the Extractors with human validated data set from Action Center/Validation Station without the Labeling Session? In this scenario, i do not need to create labels but give the ML Skills feedback from the human validation?

What I know is that the extracted results zip need to be uploaded to the Data Manager to then create another package for the Data Sets/ML Pipeline. But in this case, i would not add/enhance anything in Data Manager but use same results for the Training pipeline. Is the human validated result data in the same format as the Data Manager output?

Would highly appreciate some support.


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i am stuck at same Place
did u find any solution ?
Thank you

@Vijay_Makwana I created a ticket in the UiPath Insider Center on that. Today i received a message with the request to provide the URL to the Data Labeling View. The minute i provided the URL, i tried redeploying the session and suddenly deployment worked :slight_smile:

I truly believe that it was NOT because i provided them my URL but was rather coincidence. I informed the guys from the Insider Center that this is an issue for multiple users and send them the link to this thread. Lets see if they can update us on what is the root course.

Can you retry on your side? AS mentioned, for me its suddenly working.

Hi Andreas,
yes , when i loged in my system in morning and tried it again it works !!
thanks for suggestion

It started working for me as well.


Its not working for me , Status is failed.


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Hello Andreas ,

thank you for this post, i worked on data labeling , my problem unable to do mapping between the selection data from pdf into my fields that i created in data manager ,can you please give me help about this point I’m blocked

thank you lot

Please check Document Understanding is enabled (Admin->Tenants).


I am also facing the same problem, any solution for a failed data labeling session? Please suggest