Data extraction in the menu is not available any other option to extract data from Web

I would like to extract data from Web (HTML) and save some info into excel. I found some videos/examples (eg. youtube), but some options in the menu (eg. Data Extraction) are not available in this version (Uipath Studio 2021.10.5)
Any package to be install ?
Any other option to be used ?

Appreciate your attention and support on that. Thks Wagner


Welcome to our UiPath community.

You mean Data scraping and screen scraping ? Can you please share screenshot of it.

If you don’t find Data scraping and screen scraping then you need to install UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities package. If it is already installed then go to project settings and uncheck Modern activities and then check once.


for modern experience we have the table extraction activity, it will work as data scraping as well, but if you want this particular, you can deactivate the moder experience in the config of the project, or also enable classic activities and search it by your self like that

extract structured data


Hello Fernando,

The table extraction is available and I also used “Show Classic”. I am not so familiar with Table extraction, then I need to investigate how this functinality works. Thks for your response/support !

Hello Ganta

Thanks for your response/support.

The package has already been installed and I also uncheck Modern activities. Still now showing in the menu the option : Data Extraction . Is this might be related to version ? Thks !


Can you please restart studio and then check it once.

In modern they have all been combined into one. Don’t turn off modern. Use Table Extraction, the new modern version.

Don’t turn off modern. Leave it on modern and use Table Extraction right there at the top of your screen.

Already done, not worked. thks !

@wtrintim If you are using modern design then the below highlighted activites are the one that you are looking for

If you are using classic design then then the below highlighted activites are the one that you are looking for

Got it, thks Paul