Data Extraction from PDF to website

I need an example for PDF to Website Automation

What you want to do, what is the process?

in need to get the text from pdf and type into website in specific terms (i created google form as an example )

So lets start with getting the text from PDF:

Can i get an video example or any project zip file?

how to type into specific fields in webpage after reading Pdf text

sir, i need a best example Video for PDF to WEB automation

Hi @krishnakanth_sarma ,

Read text from PDF, later look at the value which you want to write to google form.

For Ex- You might have extracted Name from PDF, you want to write it to web page. In that case, use Read text → to read data from PDF and then typeinto activity to write into google form!!

Does it helps??

I got the overview and am getting vadlidation errors while am running the project so i just want to get the clarity what am doing by seeing examples of PDF to web automation so will you help me to share the examples or project file?

@krishnakanth_sarma ,

Please find the attached workflow. I have used Edge browser, if you are not using that, please change it in setting and re-indicate the typeinto activity to firstName in the link. (128.5 KB)

yeah i know that sir , when i am append the particular sheet to excel i got an append error and i rectify it by download full version MS excel and i got this error “Anchorbase : activity timeout exceeded” and typeinto input error

Thank you sir, but i need to know how to extract Specific Data from Pdf file i mean for username and password i need to know how to select the specific data and extract to its related data in web

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