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Hi Guys. I am using the PDF package from uipath. I got the robot to use the anchor base activity with a find element and get text activities nested within to store specific elements of a form in pdf format. But you have to keep the form open to scrape its values. Is there anyway to do this process in the background. Perhaps like a pdf scope activity similar to the excel scope activity. Where it can run in the background. If not possible. Is it possible for the robot to open multiple pdfs. I know you can a for each loop to cycle through a folder containing PDF’s but how do you get the robot to open them and close after extraction?

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use read pdf activity. It will read in the background and return a string. You will just do some string manipulations to get desired value.


Hi @bobby in addtion to @Emman_Pelayo’s thoughts use this as your reference…

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Thank you. This was very helpful. :slight_smile: @Emman_Pelayo and @pattyricarte

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