Need help in making pdf to excel

hi all,
iam trying to get information from pdf and want to enter in excel, tried anchor base activity and made selector dynamic but no proper solution found, please help me how to overcome this, i want to extract specific text from pdf , accurately

Hi @Shoebmd

The more reliable way I think is use read pdf and store the results in string and then use string manipulation/ regex to extract the data

That would be more reliable


Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation

Yes. Exactly. Try to use UiPath.PDF.Activities

It’s a activty to convert your pdf file to a string (If your pdf is a scan/picture use a OCR engine with)

When you have your string. Try to parse it. Using string methide (type string.) and you will have all methods used for string. Or use system.txt.regularexpressions.regex (you have document on it on web ^^ )