Extract Specific Data from PDF File


I need assistance on how to extract specific data from multiple page PDF to Excel.
The PDF file has no elements so I can’t use data scraping or anchor base activity. Watch some videos as well but can’t find one that matches with my needs. Here is a sample pdf. I only need to extract the values in yellow highlight. Any assistance would be appreciated.

PS The last column expense accrued has values sometimes and I need it as well.


Youcan use read pdf text activity and then split operation or sstring manipulation you can do it.

If the PDF format is fixed, you can use the Form Extractor

You may refer to UiPath Document Understanding to extract data from PDF files.

Hi @ct_newbie You can use Read pdf Text activity to read the pdf as string .Then you can use split or regex to get the specified text…

Thank you guys for the ideas. I’m currently using read PDF and is trying the regex but i guess it’s too advance for me right now. I’ll definitely try other suggestions. Thank you.