Data extraction from excel

hai ,
i need to get the technical skills(10 columns) based on user input(excel file).

  1. USER need to enter the skills like JAVA,RPA etc.,
  2. Based on the above condition , have to write output(all data,mail id…) into separate excel file.
    any idea on this please give some idea

Maybe you should put a condition in the user input telling that the skills must be separated between comas…

In that case, the Output of the user input will be able to split. Splitting the output with comas, you will have an array.

Using this array you can fill the Excel columns.

PS: Its just a fast idea that I though

Also, you can ask for 1 input, then paste the output in the Excel, and repeat it “X” times… if the user doesnt write an input, you can end the process… as you want… there are always to many options :slight_smile:

Can you share a sample excel file with dummy data?
And how you have passed the input now?

Can you be more specific with you question and can you share screen shots or dummy .xaml file with your steps you want to do.