Extract specific data in Excel spreadsheet

I need to extract specific information in a column in an excel file and structure it in another table.

This spreadsheet is generated on a web platform that contains access to a departmental box and where there is the option to export these emails to an excel spreadsheet.

The information I need is a claim number and is in a column called “Assunto do e-mail” (Subject). I want to extract only that claim number (numero do sinistro/ sinistro) and structure the list of these numbers and the email address on the side, in another table, but the main information is the claim number.

These numbers will then serve as access on another platform, so that documents related to this claim number can be attached.

Portuguese Version: Extrair dado especifico em tabela excel

The generated spreadsheet is below with all the fields generated.
Busca_Email_20200708_2017.xlsx (66.4 KB)

Hi @vinicius.botelho,

You can read the excel file using the read range, filter the columns and write to the excel again (new or to same excel based on your preference).

Warm Regards,
Ranjith Udayakumar