Data extraction from table

I need to extract a particular column in a table and to check whether the value is available are not? can anyone give some ideas to start with thanks in advance.

use a for each row to get the value of each row in the table and then use a if condition to check if the value matches or not.

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I supposed you are working with Excel. For a better understanding, I recommend the following links:

let us know if you need more guidance. :slight_smile:

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Use for each row
then use row.("[columnname]").ToString for checking

I need to get the table in a website where the particular column I have to scrape it!like I have to take the march month value alone

you can map the corresponding column index to march and thats it.

You just need to select the first and second row of March column. :slight_smile:


i got error like this

Hi! Can you upload your workflow? Thanks.

Main (9).xaml (8.6 KB)

Hi @priyankavivek
Try this .xaml file. Just update the workbook file path.
Main (9).xaml (7.7 KB)

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thank you very much sir ,i will look in to this for getting solution

No problem.
If you encountered some problems, feel free to reach out.
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hai ,
i need to get the technical skills(10 columns) based on user input(excel file).

  1. USER need to enter the skills like JAVA,RPA etc.,
  2. Based on the above condition , have to write output(all data,mail id…) into separate excel file.
    any idea on this please give some idea @Jan_Brian_Despi