Data crawling from browser

Can we do… Data crawling from browser like python.

Yes, you can perform data crawling from a browser in UiPath using the built-in web scraping capabilities. UiPath provides activities specifically designed for automating web interactions and extracting data from web pages.

Here’s an overview of the steps involved in data crawling from a browser in UiPath:

  1. Use the “Open Browser” activity to launch a web browser and navigate to the desired web page.
  2. Use activities like “Click”, “Type Into”, or “Select Item” to interact with the web elements on the page, such as buttons, input fields, or dropdown menus. These activities simulate user actions to navigate through the website and reach the desired data.
  3. Use the “Data Scraping” wizard to extract structured data from web pages. The wizard guides you through the process of indicating the data elements you want to extract and generates the necessary code to scrape the data.
  4. Use variables or data tables to store the extracted data.
  5. Depending on your requirements, you can repeat the scraping process on multiple pages or follow pagination to access additional data.
  6. Process and manipulate the extracted data as needed using UiPath activities or custom logic.
  7. Store or export the data in a desired format, such as CSV, Excel, or a database.

Thanks for reply. But you say about Data scraping… I know about that and also doing regularly.
One of my friend (Python Developer) Show me how he crawling data from web page through selenium python code. There no need to select or click any data… Just in milliseconds he get all needy data from web backend… There is no need select one by one option. At a one time get all data what are available in the current page.

I am saying like that… Crawling. Not scraping

@Deepak_Kumar_Patel I think so there is no other option available rest of “Screen Scrapping”

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