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Hi there!

I am creating a UiPath program that runs a google search based off a given user input string, and then is supposed to capture the results on the resulting web page. Because the results are structured, I have been using the Data Scraping / web scraping feature.
However, the program is not working because the google results page changes based on what the user input is.
Is there a way to utilize data scraping and pattern recognition for different user inputs, which result in different google result pages? The general pattern remains the same, but the links and articles are different.
I am very new to UiPath and am trying to learn as quickly as I can. Any and all help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks, Kate

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Hi @kateadams,

Use Uiexplorer to get exact selector and use * for dynamic changes in the selector




This got it to work – thank you so much!! You truly are an MVP

– Kate

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