Screen scraping without using Next button

I’m sorry if we have the same topic in the past but I couldn’t find my question exact answer. I would like to download table data **without using next button or link but URL on google chrome. **

I have such a page below.

I think I can get all data with below logic,

  1. Get all Link URL.
  2. loop at above link list
  3. data scrape
  4. append list.
  5. end loop.
  6. download csv with data 5.
    but I’m only begginer and not quite sure how to achieve it in UIpath so if you have similar sample code or useful activity, please suggest it.

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My question was same, but still am looking for the answer:slight_smile: ) I tried many times and I can run the dynamic URLs but I really fractured with the choice right constructor.

I’m very much happy if someone look this and come back with right way.

Hi Ajay,

Thanks for your reply, but we haven’t get any reply, thus I assume that is not so simple problem to achieve it in UiPath. I think we need to investigate it.

To all,
If you have any idea/suggestion, please freely write it to this thread.

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Screen scrapping utility provides option for scrapping on all the pages just by specifying the next button icon.
If for some reasons you do not want the screen scapping to work on all pages and you want to process one page at a time.
Then create a workflow for screen scrapping and call it under the workflow which navigates to every page using example navigate to activity.
Let me know if that answers the query or you need more details.


Thanks for the inputs,

I followed the process which has you suggested, I can navigate the web page URL but the scraping has not done. I’m not sure It could not been run by Selectors/incorrect elements.