Web scrapping using python

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How to scrap the data from web application using python?

Is there any way to integrate with uipath web scrapping with python?

Is there any activities available in market place for web scrapping with python?

Please let me known if any one is having idea on this

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Hi @Naveen.Ch Welcome back!

Web scraping in python is available. but you need to code for it.
in UiPath you can see the options like Recording, Screen Scraping and Data scraping on the Ribbon. you can use those options to scrape the data from Websites and web applications as well.



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Yes , I am aware about uipath recording bad scrapping menthods

But I am looking for web scrapping with python methods

Hi @Naveen.Ch

Well Uipath uses a structured data scraping method actually

You can even tune to fit in your cases by changing certain property

For python , the best module/library to scrap the web data is BeautifulSoup

Try that


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Web automation with Python usually works with Selenium, which ist Webdriver automation. I am using Python with Selenium a lot, but if you have UiPath there is no need for that.
If you want Webdriver in UiPath, then this might be what you want:

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