Data Collection: Gather DebugView Logs for UIAutomation Issues

How do I collect DebugView logs for troubleshooting UIAutomation Activity related issues?

Content of this log

This log provides debug logs specific to UIAutomation activities.  This log is useful to analyze the cause of

  • Click or Type Into Failure
  • Selector genaration failure (UI Explorer, Indicate on Screen button, etc)
This log is provided to UIAutomation programmers to do indepth troubleshooting.  Please collect this log upon request by the support representative.

Prepare for logging

  1. Install DebugView
  2. Create an Environment Variable named "UIPATH_LOG_LEVEL" and assign it the "VERBOSE" value. To create it, go in Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Environment Varibles... > Press New... under System Variables


Capture the log

  1. Run the DebugView application
  2. Stop logging if it is currently logging. This can be done either by going to Capture > Capture Events either by using magnifying glass icon either by using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E. 
  3. Clear all the existing log. This can be done either by going to Edit > Clear Display either by clicking clear icon either by using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+X
  4. Start capturing logs either by using magnifying glass icon either by using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E
  5. Reproduce the issue.
  6. After the issue was reproduced, stop capturing as per point 2. Note: The number of logs created during the reproducing step can be really high. In order to be sure that unnecessary logs are collected, stop it as soon as the issue was reproduced.
  7. Save the log either by going to File > Save either by using diskette icon either by using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S


Note: While UI Explorer is in “Indicate Element” mode, if you click on DebugView in capture mode, DebugView and UI Explorer will be in dead lock state.  UI Explorer when generating selector information, locks that app from update, but DebugView will try to populate log information it receives from UI Explorer but it cannot, and since logging needs to be done for the UI Explorer’s selector generation process to proceed, dead lock occurs.  Eventually DebugView and UiPath (either Studio or UI Explorer) will crash.  Once DebugView and UiPath crashes this way, a reboot might be required. In order to avoid this, it is best to minimize DebugView window while collecting logs.