Tip: Use DebugView to Get Interesting Information

Microsoft offers, as part of the Sysinternals Suite, a monitor for debug output called DebugView. This is a very handy tool, I use it and I like it very much. Today I used DebugView in the context of UiPath, in an Invoke Code activity I implemented a Debug.WriteLine of the System.Diagnostics namespace. To see if it works I started DebugView and I experienced a surprise. The UiPath Executor delivers via DebugView very interesting detail information of the running process.

E.g you see the loading assemblies in the order in which they are loaded or the messages etc. Very interesting details for analysis purposes or only to see how UiPath works. Try it by yourself :wink:


Hi, @StefanSchnell,

Is there a way we can debug WebSelectors with DebugView?
can you share some configuration ?


For the executor if you run the cmd uirobot.exe --enablelowlevel you get a lot of useful events including the https calls to download the nuget libraries in the EventViewer with the source UiPath. Also useful in case you want to find out why particular nuget sources for example error out and other good stuff. :slight_smile: Happy Debugging!

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@radu.spantu @cnegrut

Hello Radu,
the information in DebugView comes directly from UiPath application. I assume there is no possibility to get other or more information. The hint from Constantin sounds very promising. Let us know your results.
Best regards

@cnegrut @StefanSchnell

Hi guys,

I really appreciate your support.

@cnegrut, I ran the command you suggested ( as admin ) while having debugView opened.
I was hoping to find out why my selector is sometimes crashing image

The result was a validation of my selector

I’m smiling with one eye and crying with the other.
Do i need to search for something specific within the logs?
The only solution I am thinking is to add even more delay.
This is happening withing Oracle’s JDE solution.

Have you automated JDE before? Have you encountered issues like this one?

Thank you, again, for the support.



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Missed the comment here :slight_smile:. By failing you mean the infamous “Selector not found” exception, or something else? For that it would not be that useful.
There are activities to get parents.
For failing selectors there are some best practices like making sure you activate the window and not loose focus. We’ve seen some scenarios when using applications which spawn pop-ups and destroy them sometimes causing focus to not be reacquired by the OS. In that case Activate and other such activities save the day.