Computer Vision needs any extra license or additional cost?

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Computer Vision needs any extra license or additional cost ? In the latest version of community edition I’m able to access and use it for Automation without providing any API key. Please educate me.

Hello @santhoshsaravanan91

You can check the below doc for the understanding.

One account can use a single Computer Vision license. Such a license controls the throughput limit. Throughput means the amount of data (in megapixels) that can be processed every minute by our Computer Vision servers based on your license entitlement. Access to the Computer Vision servers is granted based on an API Key. The API key can be generated (or changed if needed) from the organization-level Admin > Licenses page in Automation Suite, on the Robots & Services tab.

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Hi @santhoshsaravanan91

Starting from UiAutomation 21.10 the Computer Vision calls use a token generated when your Studio is logged in with . It is an alternative to using ApiKey, but it uses the same 30 MP / minute limit for Community users.