On-Premise licensing

Hello All,
please let me understand how the Computer Vision may work on client’s environment on production. I have read multiple threads on forums, but I’m having non consistent replies only.

  • Is it possible to use CV with Cloud? or

  • Do client need to have it’s own CV server? or

  • Does it work with on-premise Orchestrator on it’s own?

  • How does the license for CV come?

  • Also, what is the pricing for such solutions?

I’m just trying to find out how it may work and what is the cost of using CV on client’s environment.

Thank you.


I suggest to contact UiPath Sales team for your queries. They can you better in this.

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Hi Olga. We have 3 available CV deployments, all free of charge:

  • Cloud CV, which uses our servers. To use this method, you’ll need to log into Automation Cloud and get the API key from Admin > Licenses > Services
  • On-prem CV server – requires a dedicated machine with GPU
  • Local/robot CV – detections are performed on the robot that runs the automation, so no server required, but it slightly slower, has a lower accuracy, and a few features are unavailable.

All of them work with on-prem Orchestrator.

Let me know if you have other questions.


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