Computer Vision API key - Enterprise version


We have an enterprise version of on premise Orchestrator.

We are currently using the cloud API key for Computer vision.

How can we change it to use enterprise version of the API key, since we need to deploy the code on Production?

Any help would be appreciated!!

I would also like to know.

as far i know . need to install computer vision on premise

Hello. The API key is only required when you connect to the UiPath Cloud Platform, not when you connect to on premise server (APIKey Computer Vision)


Do you happen to know if there is any cost associated to using the UiPath Cloud Computer Vision Enterprise Edition? and what are the limits?

Hello Jorge,

Entreprise Cloud is not free but you can try it. You can ask for a 60 days trial period here.
About the limits for cloud computer vision, they are related to the amount of data that can be processed every minute:

  • Community plan, the limit is 30 Mp/min, roughly equivalent to 15 fullHD images/min
  • Enterprise plan, the limit is 240 Mp/min, roughly equivalent to 120 fullHD images/min
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