Customizing Form Themes

Hello Everyone,
I am looking at the Themes un UiPath Forms and can only seem to customize them slightly. While this is good I was wondering if any further customization will be, or is, available?

I currently only have the option to customize the Form and Primary button and those are limited.

Any info on further customization options would be much appreciated.

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Hi @ziga.hanzic

Can you tell me what kind of customisation are you looking for ?

Hi @ziga.hanzic

I’m not sure if @Tamilselvan will approve of my hack, but I was able to add a custom class to any elements by editing JSON of the element, like so:

Then, it was a matter of figuring out how to actually assign some things to this class…

… and I couldn’t find any other place in UI other than editing my XAML file (which is a big no-no in terms of best practices :sweat_smile:).

Having said that, as a quick test, I added my class here:

And it kind of worked :sweat_smile:


@loginerror that seems interesting, a bit deep but doable. But as you said a no-no hack :slight_smile: might still come handy if a customer wants something specific.

@Tamilselvan I was actually looking at being able to also change the secondary button, and maybe have a bit more control on placing objects in the forms. I would like to make the forms adhere more to the Google Material design and it seems sometimes that the UiPath forms, though simple, are quite restrictive when it comes to these types of customizations.
Might be that something like that is already in the pipeline or even done, and I’m just not looking at the right places.

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We don’t need to change xaml files to have our custom css classes. Custom themes created in preview windows of the form designer are saved in UIPath folder of user’s Documents directory, along with custom form templates, so I assume that means they could be changed. And inside that custom theme files we can add our css classes. I’ve tried adding a class I found on the internet and it worked. Well… almost (I am not very good in css) :slight_smile: :

I assume every time you change the content of your custom theme file, it has to be reapplied to your form in the designer.
:frowning: I wanted to upload a little walkthrough but on every try its quality deteriorated to unrecognizable.

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Hi @andrey.egorov Thank you. Can you please provide code of the above form?

I can, here is the workflow that uses the custom class:
customCSS - Copy.xaml (10.9 KB)

After you download it and run with in your Studio could you please come back here and tell whether it worked for you? Thank you :slight_smile:
On the weekend I will make a little walkthrough on how to have your custom CSS class on the form with no need to change the xaml files. :slight_smile:
But first, we need to be sure that this kind of manipulations with custom theme files are possible and won’t be harmfull in different scenarios.
@Tamilselvan Hello, could you please clarify on whether the form users can modify custom theme files that are created from the designer. For example, add their custom CSS classes. We create a custom theme here:

Click here to expand an image!

And here we have a file that contains information about our custom theme and where we can add our custom CSS classes:

Click here to expand an image!

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CAn you also share the theme file? @andrey.egorov

Yes, here it is (i’ve changed its extention because this forum not allows “utheme” extention):
MyTheme1.utheme.txt (3.8 KB)

And I have also deleted some local information so it probably won’t work just by copying the file into your uipath forms custom themes directory.
I’ve just added my custom class to the end of this json pair value:

Hi @andrey.egorov, In ur this form, when you click on submit button, error doesnt appear over the button but just on the field. The action is also Submit for the button. How is that possible. Error Messages during date validation in uipath forms - #7 by supermanPunch

Hi @Tamanna_Jain,
This is something that should be investigated. :slight_smile: When I have time I will compare json for the components and possibly find the answer.
I think a big guide is required to cover all of features that formio engine provides. At first I thought that formio’s engine implementation in UIPath is very limited but now it seems that this is not a case. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone -
we just released ability to customize forms by loading local CSS files.

  1. Forms Activity Package v1.3 Release notes
  2. Official documentation with example

Hey @andrey.egorov , since we are in the context of UiPath forms, I have one small doubt regarding something. I am looking to add color into the text fields inside UiPath forms based on conditions.
For eg:
I have 3 text fields in the forms

  1. Color 1
  2. Color 2
  3. Color 3

If Color 1 value is RED I am looking to make the text box colored in RED (filled color), similarly for other fields and other colors. How can I achieve this? If this requires javascript or html, can you please share the snippet as I cannot find any doc explaining this.