How to use CSS class within Logic for Tezt field / Text area component on UiPath forms

Can someone let me know how to use CSS class within logic section of Text field / Text area components?

Hi Tamanaa,

Sequence.xaml (4.6 KB)

You can use this or you can make it according to your requirements.

Hope this will work

Thanks @ghazanfar. This will help modify the css for the html element. What i am talking about is within the Forms, when we use text area / text field, can we modify its css?

You can play with width height but can not apply CSS on uipath form.

Thank you. If you take form activties package 1.1.6 or above, there is a logic section within properties for Text field / text area. If you add some logic and then go into adding action, there you can set the css class property. I tried using that however, css changes don’t seem to get applied

Try to use Merge Component Schema action type of a logic trigger. It allows you to replace part of component’s json that is responsible for applying custom style. And in component’s json, inline CSS style could be specified inside attributes name:

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Thank you @andrey.egorov

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