Custom CSS in forms not working?

Hello there! I am trying to add to my form elements custom CSS styling, but its not working as it mentioned in the docs.

1.First of all i created CSS file in my project folder.

  1. After i created a global variable with value of path to my css which is “C:\Users\User\Desktop\pdf work\formStyles.css”

  2. After i set this variable to my form custom CSS propery

  3. And then i added to my button custom class from my css file

Looks like i did everything by the docs, but still custom styles not applying( Can someone suggest a reason? (my form activities are 23.4.4 version and studio is 2023.6.1 community release)

Thank you in advance!

you can try put the css conf inside the form, like this

sorry, can you explain in more detail? i dont really have any “content” in my buttons creation menue

just now i mentioned you are using html element, but i use default elements given by the constructor

can you share your form with me?