Custom phases and statuses

We would find great value in the ability to add some custom phases and statuses in Automation Hub. Some examples of how we would use these would be if an idea is deemed as RPA potential, but needs some process analysis and streamlining first, we would assign it to a different group who would do some analysis and updating for the process and then it would come back through as a better RPA idea. We also have process mining and would like to be able to indicate when a process idea is in the Process Mining build phase of analysis.

Is this something that is on the horizon or could be considered for a future version?

Hi @asilver103,
I pushed your feedback for our internal tracker :slight_smile:

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Hi Pawel. This option would be of great interest to our organisation as well. Is there perhaps any news around this?


Hi @ioanna,
We have this on our list but honestly no exact release date that I could confirm at least for now.

Thanks Pawel. We’ll be waiting patiently then. :slight_smile:

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