Connect Enterprise - Linking to Live Processes

Once my automation idea has been assessed and approved it goes Live. Does it connect to my actual process in the Orchestrator? Live tracking and continuous updates/monitoring?

Also i feel like after the initial phases of idea and assessment are complete there are no new incoming tasks. The platform stops guiding the automation idea and it becomes pretty manual. It is just the end user updating the phase and status manually with the drop downs on the automation profile edit page.

There is no direct connection to your orchestrator. I prefer to use the published results as part of process discovery. Once it is live, the other BUs with RPA developers will have access to it and can potentially download and determine how to incorporate into their proposed project. However, Connect Enterprise is currently not a replacement for your version control repository.

Let Enterprise Hub act as a public library for business users and developers to have access to and initiate questions. The actual development life cycle will still be kicked off by downloading the latest files from your central repository.

Hope that helps suggest ways to use the tool.

An integration with Orchestrator will be provided by the end of H1 2020.

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Hi @Iulia_Istrate,
I was wondering if integration for orchestrator and automation is already being released. Also, just wanted to know that is there any other way using which we can add the individual process run data through orchestrator.


The integration with the Orchestrator was deprioritized, so it is not available yet. We will work on it in the upcoming months.



Is there an on premise version of automation hub ?


The on premises version is targeted for 21.10.

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