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I am looking into the Automation Hub change request functionality, and it looks like it could use some more features. One of the basic ones, that I can’t seem to find, is a simple approval flow.

There is an approval that a process owner has to do at the very start, just like with ideas, but what would be much more useful, is business/process owner approvals before releasing to production. It is really a critical functionality for big or impactful changes, and without it, the change request becomes just another way to track ideas.

Any plans to implement it? Or maybe I am missing something?

Hello @ssavickas1 ,

Thank you for your feedback.
Customer research we conducted prior to implementing the support for change requests indicated that most of the Automation Hub users prefer a simple flow for the management of the change requests, hence the existence of only one approval layer, after the CR is submitted.
Of course, we cannot guarantee that one size fits all the needs of the various customers. For this reason, we are currently working on offering the support for customizing the flow in the product, which will enable you to also modify the default flow for managing the change request. So you will be able to add an approval layer prior to going live, if you need this.
We prefer this approach, rather than increasing the complexity of a simple feature and impacting the entire customer base, when the need is not expressed by many customers.

The target date for releasing this new capability is early 2023.
Hope this answers your question.


Understood, and makes sense, thanks for the comments.
Any chance to get into an Insiders preview of the new update?

The main reason we are asking, is that it would greatly help us with SOX audits, and I would really prefer to have as much as possible on the same platform.

The idea flow customization will be released directly into GA in early 2023, so there will be no preview.

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