Ideas for Automation Hub

Using Automation Hub a fair bit lately, and have a few ideas, I’m sure some of which are in plan…

  1. High level overview needs to be available - we need to be able to see a dashboard of the ideas generated and the stages they are at
  2. You should be able to sort on all categories
  3. Linked to creating dashboards but at the moment I’m still having to export data to get a summarised view of the data added, which defeats the purpose.
  4. It’s quite frustrating if you have to add a large number of processes, we should be able to import somehow, or add from the automation pipeline not have to go into a new idea each time
  5. We should be able to update the status of the automations directly from the pipeline list rather than going into each automation.
  6. Again relating to high level view - is the purpose here to manage projects ongoing? For me this is okay but due to many limitations there is a requirement to always use a proper project management tool, therefore long term it would be good to integrate with such tools.

Happy to have a call with someone to discuss these in more detail if needed.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.