Custom Activities Issue with Robot

I have installed the custom activity in studio and its working fine with local machine and vdi machine too but when i run the bot thru robot its not working and its saying that Can not Create unknown type

If you published your package, the project.json file should have the dependencies of your package. Try checking on the machine wherever the robot is running, if the package is available for that user profile.

Which version of the studio/Orchestrator are you using.

I do an issue occuring with one of the release (2018.2.4) or some close version where the package would not get synced from the Orchestrator activity feed.

Downgrading or upgrading should fix the issue.

Are you running with this version?


Hi I am using 2018.1.4

Hi I have checked in the user profile activities and packages section and I found the installed one but still its not working

Have you had a look on those troubleshooting steps?