Uploading Custom activity as Project dependency

I have created an Custom activity in UiPath and used it in my project. But when i deploy the robot and run that process in other machine using Orchestrator then there is an dependency error as the custom activity is stored in the Local machine on which the development is being done .

So how should i make that dependency available to other machines when the Process run there.

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Could you please copy that nupkg file into other machine under packages folder and then try it.

Hi Lakshman
I don’t want to do it that way. As I wanted to ask is there a way so that there is no need to physically add the nuget package to the other machine Same as the UiPath Default dependencies of the Project.

Or should i upload the Activity on Uipath Go


If this package will help others also then you can upload it into UIPath GO and they will publish once it passed all tests. Then you can configure GO package source into your studio and download it from there.

If you don’t want to upload into GO then keep it in one shared folder your network and configure that package source and download it from there which ever machine you want use it.

That activity i created converts the Adobe Indesign Template and Xml into Adobe Indesign FIle and Pdf