Current registered / active users of the UiPath Community

Hello, i was wondering if there is any blog or post about the current registered / active users of the UiPath Community?

Background: I’m writing my masters thesis about RPA and therefor analyzing the top three players in the RPA market. I’d need the it in order to compare UiPath to the other two RPA providers.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Mod,

Are you talking about the UiPath Community Edition as in products(Studio, Robot, Orchestrator) or platforms (Forum, Academy, Go!, Connect)?

For example, for Forum you can see the Site Statistics here: About - UiPath Community Forum.

For the others, let me check what data we have and what can be shared :slight_smile:


Hi @ovi,

thank you very much!

I was talking about the Uipath platforms (Forum, academy, go!, connect).

Let me check the link, maybe it has the answers that I’m looking for :smile: !!

EDIT: Yes, it has all the answers. Thank you again!


hi @Mod091

see this

connect with @birinder

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@sandeep13 thanks for referring
@Mod091 would love to read your research and thesis. Please do post it on the forum :slight_smile:

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@sandeep13, thanks!

@birinder :smiley: can you read german?? :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Mod091 yes I can
Long live the translation :wink:

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