Automation Awareness - The Automation Journey - We want to hear your thoughts!

Just let us know, in your replies, what are your thoughts about the UiPath platform:

  • what automation phase intrigued you the most,
  • and what UiPath product you cannot wait to put your hands on.

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To automate some repetitive work on web, and make automatic bots to android if possible on my own…!

the build phase intrigues me most and I can’t wait to use UiPath Studio.

Everything, I want to learn and master all of this.

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I was not able to download the PDF file in this section. Is the file no longer available? I’m using Firefox on Mac. Is this a problem?


Can’t download The-UiPath-Platform.pdf. Error is Access Denied.

The UiPath platform, is amazing. I hope to learn very well!!

@Bianca.Dragu I would love to hear that when’s the GA for UiPath Apps On-Premise version.

Every phase! I am excited to learn.

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I recently used Studio Community edition to automate my colleagues’ repetitive processes.

Discover is for me the phase that motivate me to be a good listener and observer to define new opportunities so it bring me intrigue about what is the most next big impact for the automation in health industry

I need and want to learn everthing.

im mostly interested in the rpa developer side. i would love to learn to code for ui path and help in in the progression of the program.

AMAZING! The task capture feature is something that will be extremely useful in my organization.

Looking forward to automating reporting, daily work assignments and inventory

Hellouu! Just stopping by to say thanks for the awesome learning path and tutorials. I’m taking my RPA Associate exam next week and I couldn’t be more excited.
I’m intrigued most about the UiPath AI integrations for automations, such as ML. Looking forward to learning more about those and apply it in real world.

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Thanks for the detailed tutorial and learning to master all of this great stuff.

Looking forward explore orchestrator, studiox, task capture… overall entire platform
I am excited to use Studiox to create my automation for Payables in my current project.

  • what automation phase intrigued you the most?
    The Build Phase intrigued me the most as it involves writing the essential code to translate the user actions into an automated solution.

  • and what UiPath product you cannot wait to put your hands on.
    The UiPath Document Understanding is my choice. Some of the core activities of the entire automation gets done here which is crucial for the entire process automation.

I’m interested in building!