Not able to change sound volume in Windows

Dear friends,

I am trying to increase or decrease the system value using UiPath community Edition

Scope: To increase the volume either by clicking the keyboard keys(UP or Right) or mouse(Trigger)


  1. Click the volume icon in the task bar, Volume adjustment window is opened
  2. Recording Click --F2, to focus the window but not able to.

Problem: Not able to perform any action in the volume window.

Can anyone please help me to get out of it.

Hi @Alagupandi

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Could you try opening your Studio as administrator? I believe you could workaround the issue by opening the Sound page and automating it there. As you can see, it does find the selector, so it should be doable to click it once and then use Send Hotkey activity to move it left or right.

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@ loginerror. I tried and got the results… thank you

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I tried opening UiPath Studio as administrator and i am able increase or decrease the volume using (Right,Left ,Up and Down) Keys.

My requirement is to read the volume number, i.e. 31 from your screenshot

Is it possible??

It seems like the simple Get Text is able to target this value:

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Sure… Thank You @loginerror

I have created the flow chart with volume of 50%.

Increased into 55%.

while running the flow, I am getting error prompt as ‘UiPath not able to find the element’

So my understanding is volume % should be same while creating and running the flow.

Can you please help me to find the way of irrespective volume% UiPath should find the location of the element with other properties

Please check the selector of the activity which throws this error. It might be that you only have to replace the value of 50% with an asterisk * which will act as a wildcard for that value (thus making it more dynamic).

hey @loginerror, what quick and valuable response…Your correct…Thanks Again

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