Currency Converter - Copy File Error Message

Big thumbs up. This is the solution that worked for me.

You are right DCreed. It works that way. Thank you!

For me the error was in finding the file to copy. Here the video tells you to input the “full name” which includes the path. However, the extension was missing. When I added .xlsx it did work. So the “From” field became <[Saved.Values(Of FileInfo)(“TemplateInformation”).FullName]>.xlsx

Methods to Fix ‘Error Copying File or Folder’ Issue Without Losing Data
Method 1. Format the Target Partition/Disk to NTFS or exFAT.
Method 2. Extend the Partition Showing the Unspecified Error.
Method 3. Remove Write-Protection on the Target Disk.
Method 4. Format the Disk or Decrypt the Files.

This may help you,
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