Currency Converter Simulation Copy File Error Message


I’m trying to work my way through the currency converter simulation (UiPath Academy Training) and am having an issue with the copy file activity. It is one of the later steps in the automation and everything up to that point is working correctly. I am getting the error message “Could not find a part of the file path.” For the given report file. I have not been able to figure this out from other forum inquiries and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.




It’s probably due to the spaces or the length of the path. Rename your folders to remove spaces and if that doesn’t work then use shorter names.

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Thank you for the advice Craig! I ended up removing the spaces in file names. At first, this did not resolve the issue. But then I copied the working folder from my OneDrive to my Desktop (thus drastically reducing the length of the filepath and possibly eliminating any issues OneDrive may have been causing) and the error message was resolved and I was able to complete the sim!

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