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Hey guys, I am looking for some guidance on exception handling - notifications flexibility. I am used to working with credential list in other automation tool, which is easy to amend when automation is live.
In Uipath, if I want to change email address for recipients of notifications which are being generated during the unattended process - what is the best way to design the process to have flexibility of managing recipient emails? so far I came up with idea to store excel file, but would like your recommendation, thanks!

I have done away with the Excel config file in all my unattended automations. It’s a totally unnecessary headache.

Create Arguments in Studio. When you publish to Orchestrator, they become parameters that can be set at the Process or Trigger level.

For example, I have three Arguments I create and use for my automations:


I use these as variables in my Send SMTP Email activities at the appropriate points in my automation.

Then in the Process I set the values to a list of email addresses (separated by comma) for each parameter, which can easily be changed any time through Orchestrator.

In fact, I do ALL my parameters this way. I don’t use config.xlsx files any more for unattended automations. File locations, asset names, queue names, they’re all Arguments/Parameters.


thank you, that sounds like more reasonable solution than excel!

is there a uipath recommendation on this I could read up more?

Not that I know of. It’s pretty simple. They work the same way as regular variables - except you can provide them at runtime through the Process parameters or Trigger parameters. They key is the hierarchy.

Process parameters override the defaults you have in Studio
Trigger parameters override the Process parameters

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I’m not aware of any. It’s very straightforward. They function similarly to standard variables, with the exception that you can supply them at runtime via Process or Trigger parameters. The hierarchy is crucial.

Trigger parameters override the Process parameters, and Process parameters override the Trigger parameters.

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